Monography offers a unique photography experience where individuals can take their own professional-level photos using high-quality studio equipment. This concept allows for a more personal and creative approach to photography, as you are both the subject and the photographer.

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Tufting started as a fun hobby for me, that quickly turned into a business. This creative outlet has empowered me, boosted my confidence and the pieces I have created have filled me with pride. Seeing the finished tufted pieces is so rewarding,

24 years on earth and I have no idea what I’m doing. As a kid, I always looked at people in their 20s and thought “Yep, that’s for sure an adult and they know everything there is to know”. Now, I look

My philosophy and values are deeply intertwined with my personal journey and cultural background, which shows in every song I make.  Growing up in different cultural environments, shaped by Persian and Dutch influences, made me appreciate being exposed to different environments,

My name is Phillip Saunders, a Toronto based fine artist and muralist. I was born and raised in the countryside of Manchester, Jamaica. raised from humble beginnings I was brought up on traditional values of work hard and be a good

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