Monography offers a unique photography experience where individuals can take their own professional-level photos using high-quality studio equipment. This concept allows for a more personal and creative approach to photography, as you are both the subject and the photographer.

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Black & White Full-Body


Your destination for classic black-and-white portraits. Our studio is designed for everyone—couples, friends, and families looking to capture special moments in a timeless style. With our easy-to-use remote control, you can take control of the camera and lighting to create beautiful, full-body portraits. The result? Elegant photos that are always in vogue. Join us at Monochrome session for an experience that’s both simple and sophisticated, and leave with a portrait that’s forever stylish.

We understand the importance of creating a personal masterpiece. Whether it’s a romantic couple’s portrait or a cherished family moment, our studio is designed to make your experience both enjoyable and memorable. With our state-of-the-art equipment and serene setting, you can create a work of art that transcends time and trends.


B&W full body


25min shoot + 5min select


Base 2 people (Max 8)




White backdrop



  • Session

  • $ 70
    • 30 min Session
    • Unlimited photoshoot
    • Retouch + Print + Files
    • Includes 2 member
  • + Member

  • $ 30
    • If more than 2 member
    • Per additional member
    • Pet is included as member
    • Pay at the studio
  • Add-on

  • $ 10
    • B&W ⟷  Color
    • +Photo Editing
    • +Print (5×7 or 4×6)
    • Pay at the studio


Our professional retouching team will enhance your portrait photo, performing a range of adjustments from background cleanup to skin enhancement, while ensuring the photo retains a natural appearance.

Our state-of-the-art professional imaging printers produce vivid, crisp, and vibrant portrait photos. The package includes two full-size 5x7 prints and two collage-style prints.

We will send all digital files in JPG format to the email address you provided during your booking. Typically, we charge $30 for all digital files, but as a promotional offer, you can receive all digital files for free by simply mentioning our studio on social media.




Arrive to the studio 5 minutes before the reservation to sign a photo release form. A change room is available at the studio. You can bring your own props for the photoshoot as needed.


Capture your most natural self in a private space for 25 minutes. Upon request, our staff can assist with adjusting the camera orientation during the photoshoot. With each shots taken, you will receive live view feedback on a monitor.


Take 5 minutes to select 4 photos of your choice. 2 photos will be retouched and printed in full 5×7″ size. 2 photos will be printed as collage in 4×6″ size. Retouch and prints are done within 15 minutes for pickup or it can be mailed to your home.

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