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My name is Phillip Saunders, a Toronto based fine artist and muralist.

I was born and raised in the countryside of Manchester, Jamaica. raised from humble beginnings I was brought up on traditional values of work hard and be a good person, I think those tenets have stayed with me for the better.

I’m a lover of philosophy and ancient wisdom, I think many points stated from the old world are still relevant and useful today.

Art & Philosophy

Religious texts, such as the Torah—especially its wisdom literature found in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes—along with the Upanishads, a philosophical and religious text from Hindu culture, exemplify deep wisdom.

Much of my approach to life and my art practice are deeply rooted in many of these philosophical and religious axioms.

One of my favourite wisdom scripture is proverbs 3: 13 

Happy is the man that finds wisdom,

and happy is the man that gets understanding.

My artwork is a sort of projection of my inner world, as I would assume most art works are.

I enjoy exploring themes that I believe are core to the fulfillment of living beings, a few of those themes I’ve been exploring lately are affection, connection, compassion, creation, intimacy and love. These themes are exemplified in my mural series Love is Here.

My aim with this recent body of work is to insight joy in the viewer, and to inspire

comfort and familiarity in love and togetherness.

Explore Phillips’s Artworks:

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