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I am Megumi Takebayashi, more well known as MOOGWOOG, and I am a multidisciplinary artist making illustrations and producing animations. I studied Experimental Animation in OCADU. I am currently the producer for the animation, “Don’t Sleep on the Subway” and I am also an independent tattoo apprentice. 

As a freelance illustrator, my work is about expressing the raw anxieties of being alive and all things organic. Influenced by horror manga artists like Junji Ito and Macchiro, as well as the fascinating work of Ernst Haeckel, my creations reflect the fears we all face as living beings. My main medium is ink on paper but I also create digital illustrations with my iPad on the app, Procreate. 

Drawing has been my passion since I can remember—it’s like my first language.

It’s where I find comfort and purpose. Last year, I started selling T-shirts featuring her art on Instagram and at art markets around OCAD. Now, I am expanding into other apparel, starting with my newest hoodie design and I am planning to add jackets and pants soon. It is really all about sharing a bit of myself in my art, finding new ways to create, and connect with people who resonate with it.

Eventually my designs will reach skin

As a tattoo apprentice, I will be expanding from cloth to skin and I am excited to see how her artwork evolves over time in this new medium.

Find more Moog’s work @moogwoog

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