Monography offers a unique photography experience where individuals can take their own professional-level photos using high-quality studio equipment. This concept allows for a more personal and creative approach to photography, as you are both the subject and the photographer.

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April 2024

Since I was a child, being an artist was all I ever dreamed of. The act of drawing and painting wasn't just a pastime; it was almost a refuge, a place where I could lose myself in the flow of creativity. Despite growing up without personally knowing any full-time artists, I couldn't help but notice art all around me — on stationary, journals, book covers, puzzles, movie posters etc. It made me wonder: Someone out there is doing that. Why not me? I continued to study art in university, and it was during this time that I took

24 years on earth and I have no idea what I’m doing. As a kid, I always looked at people in their 20s and thought “Yep, that’s for sure an adult and they know everything there is to know”. Now, I look at myself and then look at those around me and can’t help but wonder if anyone else feels like they just have no fucking clue. I’ve recently hit a point where things feel unimaginably exciting and equally terrifying. The world is filled with so much opportunity, joy, love, and learning. The world is also filled with so

My philosophy and values are deeply intertwined with my personal journey and cultural background, which shows in every song I make.  Growing up in different cultural environments, shaped by Persian and Dutch influences, made me appreciate being exposed to different environments, people and the beauty of embracing your unique identity that’s essentially the result of everything you’ve seen and been through.  I definitely struggled with my identity growing up and didn’t really know where i fit in. Living in white dominated neighbourhoods in Holland and the early years of living in Canada made me embarrassed of my

My name is Phillip Saunders, a Toronto based fine artist and muralist. I was born and raised in the countryside of Manchester, Jamaica. raised from humble beginnings I was brought up on traditional values of work hard and be a good person, I think those tenets have stayed with me for the better. I'm a lover of philosophy and ancient wisdom, I think many points stated from the old world are still relevant and useful today. Art & Philosophy Religious texts, such as the Torah—especially its wisdom literature found in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes—along with the Upanishads,

I can't pinpoint when, but at some point I started introducing myself as a musician.   Whether it was Lego-filled Tupperware topped with baby powder to create exploding snares or swinging off girders in punk venues, my friends and I were always trying to put on a show.   I've had dozens of jobs in dozens of industries, but I always prayed that one day someone would give me the opportunity to simply create -   a boundless space where I could do what I was truly passionate about.    But instead of just one, I found a wife who let me

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