My name is Serena and I was born in South Korea and came to Canada when I was 14. I have been running Philia Flora since 2017, mostly from self-learning.

I am also an interior designer by day – specializing in hotel, restaurant and residential design, and florist by night & weekends.

I have a small (or big) secret dream, to own a studio to practice flower, pottery and interior design with a cup of flower tea (basically everything I love ღ). This might take me several (or many) years to get there but hopefully, you can stay in my journey to see the progress as I move along! Especially during the busy flower season, I work without weekends but I truly enjoy doing things I LOVE and believe that my effort will lead me to the dream where I want to be, one day.

I believe that flowers have the power of awakening feelings and heal emotions, which worked for me! I truly hope that my flowers did the same to you and yours.

find more about me at or YouTube channel called Philia Flora.

Much Love